There can be times in our lives when things feel just too much.

This is often triggered by a life changing event, this may be in the form of loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of independence, even the loss of happiness. Having the opportunity to share how we feel when loss happens can be difficult – we don’t want to burden those around us or appear as though we are no longer coping. We can then feel stuck and alone with our loss.

This is when counselling can be invaluable – to have the opportunity to share how we are really feeling with someone trained and qualified in a safe environment has the potential to bring a different perspective, build resilience and increased confidence. Knowing we have a special time that is ‘just for me’ to express our deepest and sometimes desperate feelings can give hope and release from isolation.

I have experience working with adults experiencing loss – loss of many types and especially loss of loved ones through death. I have a particular interest in working with older adults and those experiencing the challenges brought through dementia. I am able to work with those who are experiencing dementia themselves and those, be it son, daughter, partner or friend experiencing the struggles of caring for a loved one.

I have experience in home visits and am able to see you in your own home or care home – as long as the environment is safe and appropriate for counselling to take place. This can be especially useful if getting around is problematic.

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